Permanent Hair Removal For Men

//Permanent Hair Removal For Men

Permanent Hair Removal For Men

Many people wrongly assume that permanent hair removal is a cosmetic procedure only needed for women, but this assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. There are many men who have come to rely on hair removal services as well. Unwieldy body hair can be just as much of a cause of anguish and self-consciousness for men as for women. Even as we write this we can hear eyes rolling but think about it… when is the last time you heard anybody at the beach ever say, “Gosh! I’m really digging that body hair sweater vest look he has going for him.” Regrettably, our industry has sometimes created discriminatory practices against men seeking permanent hair removal services, by limiting their ability to create appointments or creating restrictions (for men only) on regions of the body that technicians are willing to work on.

The Unfortunate Reality of Gender Discrimination

Often these restrictive practices limit men to utilizing painful, inconvenient, and non-permanent hair removal methods like waxing, shaving or depilatory creams on themselves. Sadly, as you probably already know, these solutions only last for a short time and quickly become a source of unnecessary cost, inconvenience, and frustration. Think of it this way… imagine how frustrated you would feel if you walked into a McDonalds to order a Big Mac burger, and you were told that store policy doesn’t allow your gender to receive that specific service item because it makes some people uncomfortable. Regardless of your gender,  if you have any sense of morality, that scenario shouldn’t sit well with you. Everyone should be able to get a Big Mac, right? We think so… just the same as we believe that everyone should be able to receive professional permanent hair removal services where they need it.

Permanent Hair Removal Solutions For Men

At Smooth Solutions, we are a gender-friendly permanent hair removal service provider. Our practice does not discriminate against any anatomies, and we will not refuse services to anyone. Put simply, there are no parts of the body that we won’t perform electrolysis on, even (ahem) below the belt. Everyone in Riverside California and the greater Inland Empire Area looking for a reliable electrologist and electrolysis hair removal provider is welcome at our newly built medical salon. We just built and moved into a brand new office with industry-leading technology and comfort amenities in December 2019. We provide a private, safe, and non-judgmental environment for all of our clients to receive hair removal treatment wherever they need and desire it.

Connect With Us Today

We’re pretty sure you are ready to ditch the Nair, and waxing strips, and honestly, let’s just agree to save those crazy expensive Gillette razor cartridges for use on your moneymaker only. Now that you know that there won’t be any “No sorry, we don’ts…” from us either, you could get back to smearing, ripping and bleeding, but don’t you think it’s time to call us at (909) 900-8374 to  book your appointment so we knock this hair thing out permanently together?


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